Kabul Fast

Origin: Afghanistan
Type: Indica
Flowering: 45 - 50 Days
THC: 22%
Harvest: 500 - 750 g/m2
Height: 140 - 180 cm

Kabul is Afghanistan’s capital, so you can easily guess: only a very special Indica strain could be given this name. Simply said, Kabul Fast descends from a unique Afghani landrace that had been improved and refined through selection for many decades before we found it. What next? After our finding was stabilized into a fabulously potent heavy-yielder of magnificent purple coloring (Kabul Feminized), it became a grand success: strong and branchy, with tons of resin and a concentrated musky scent – just the icon of Indica! To develop this fast version, we used genetic engineering: several batches of Kabul were crossed in a certain order (calculated by specially designed software), which gave us a number of new populations with varying blooming periods. Choosing the two that finished ripening the fastest, we crossed them together, then the progeny underwent a thorough stabilization process, and finally, Kabul Fast Feminized was born – the amazing hashy flower you’re looking at!


Quick to ripen, but just as sturdy as its non-fast version, this strain boasts vigorous vegetative development that allows it to flourish both in hydro and soil, indoors and out, working just as great in greenhouses. Originating from a mountainous area with harsh climatic conditions, Kabul Fast produces plants that survive and thrive even if given less care than required. However, it should be noticed that generous yields can only be expected when such marijuana gets plenty of light and is watered/fertilized properly. Training is just as important: low-stress techniques (LST, ScroG) should be applied to smaller plants, whereas bigger samples can sustain FIM or topping, supercropping or defoliation. Properly trained Kabul Fast girls look like an explosion of floral growth, all growing into one massive pyramid-shaped pack of blossom. Very intensive earthy odor with wooden and spicy hints. Exotic violet, pink, bluish shades may alter the coloring of Kabul Fast marijuana during the last 2-3 weeks before harvest time.


Huge, thickly packed buds give a rich dank smell brightened with a whole rainbow of different flavors: pine, sometimes cheese, definitely musk and often cedar. Extremely fragrant because of high resin concentration, such stuff gives you a nice cough. Just as soon as the coughing is over, Kabul Fast will ring the first bells in your ECS: a calm profound sensation of well-being and relaxation is how this state of mind can be described. First 20 minutes of tripping are often accompanied with desire to communicate, but in general this overwhelmingly potent Indica stops every physical and mental activity. Like an opium derivative, musky crystal-strewn buds lock you deep inside your mind for solid 2 hours. Medical usage includes, but isn’t limited to: chronic pains, nausea, ADHD, irritation, appetite disorders and insomnia, seizures/cramps.

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