Divine OG Kush

Origin: Pakistan / Thailand / Afghanistan
Type: 85% Indica / 15% Sativa
Flowering: 61-63 days
THC: 26%
Harvest: 750-900 g/m2
Height: 150-200 cm

OG Kush has been appreciated as an elite marijuana strain originating from California, USA. Divine Seeds are glad to present their own version of this famous variety: a great deal of selection was done to refine the original genotype its more advanced version. Divine OG Kush is a potent Indica-leaning strain preserving the well-known diesel hints in its smell, now somewhat more resinous and with bigger buds. Pakistani, Thai, Afghani genes are dominant in Divine OG Kush, while it also descends from Mexican, Hawaiian and Colombian varieties. Divine OG Kush seeds are secured with a germination guarantee if purchased in original packaging.


Not every novice grower’s best friend, Divine OG Kush has been proven sturdy and productive when grown by the experienced. Fit for outdoor as well as indoor growing. Any training methods work perfectly with Divine OG Kush: use ScroG, SoG, FIM or topping to increase your yields. Indoors control your plants’ height, otherwise such tall and broad bushes might overgrow their room. When switching to bloom, Divine OG Kush cannabis stretches intensively, sometimes almost doubling in size. This strain is not especially vulnerable to insect pests, but its densely growing huge buds may need protection against moisture or damp air. Also, further into flowering Divine OG Kush plants often need supports to help them sustain their heavy colas. Ready for outdoor harvesting by early October.


Divine OG Kush smoke is a 2-3 hours’ euphoric experience with stone-effect being the major impression, but also a noticeable Sativa hint that makes for creativity, communication and mind-blowing insights. Profoundly relaxing every muscle, Divine OG Kush can be used for stretching as well as a treatment against spasms or cramps. Some women report their periodic pains successfully alleviated with the help of Divine OG Kush cannabis. Some inhabitants of hotter regions claim that this Indica helps them endure the heat. Can definitely be used against chronic pains, including those related to arthritis. More appropriate for afternoon/evening use.

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