Opium Fast

Origin: Afghanistan / Brazil
Type: Indica / Sativa
Flowering: 50 - 56 Days
THC: 27%
Harvest: 550 - 800 g/m2
Height: 150 - 205 cm

Good things take time, but Opium Fast is a cannabis strain designed to fly rather than walk through its life path. The parent variety, Opium Feminized distinguishes itself with an exuberant yielding capacity, quite proportional to its resin rates – about 135-150% compared to an average Afghani Indica. The new fast-version inherits the aforementioned features along with the unique spicy flavor, combining musk, pine and berries. We involved no side genetics here: choosing several most fast blossoming Opium phenotypes, we crossed them together repeatedly, the results further analyzed. Based on the results, we worked out a selection strategy and, after long scrupulous work the flowering period was reduced. Marijuana that Opium Fast seeds produce finishes blooming in 7-8 weeks depending on the climate conditions and soil peculiarities.


Not much has changed in the appearance: still openly an Indica, these plants boast a strong structure, thick branches and stems, branches forming a broad “pyramid”. Its healthy root system allowed this cannabis to develop vividly indoors and out, in soil or non-soil environment – given enough nutrients, light and time to vegetate, as well as properly handled, Opium Fast mother plants look like young trees when on the verge of blooming. Their earthy odor (with slight hint of cedar and berries) is pungent even through first weeks of this stage, further intensifying and gaining a likeness to such cannabis as Skunk, Diesel or OG Kush. Thick weighty floral growth that Opium Fast marijuana has to carry isn’t usually limited to its central cola: the fast hybrid has shown fruitful side flowering (4-6 colas). Most samples react well to any kind of training including topping, FIM or supercropping, but with smaller bushes low-stress methods work better (LST, ScroG).


Opium Fast buds make a good impression: big size, a piquant smell that tickles your nostrils. What about tripping? On the exhale, this potion forces you to cough for a while, in 5-7 minutes revealing its stoning properties – just when the berry aftertaste has worn out. Most users report an increase of gravity keeping causing them to stay put for 2-3 hours: this Indica is overwhelmingly potent and relaxes every muscle in your body, which is especially noticeable with face muscles. Analgesic, sedative and antiemetic powers that Opium Fast possesses come in handy when combatting nausea and chronic pains, irritation, PTSD, insomnia and appetite disorders. Recreation use is more common in the company of one’s closest friends or else solo-style: Opium Fast brings about peace and silence, not promoting communication or activity. The altered state of mind lasts for 2-3 hours.

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