Divine Seeds company, despite divinity present in its name and in the quality of the seeds, has a totally worldly origin. However, Divine Seeds is a child of two rather distant cultures. It happenned like it does in myths, when two opposites give birth to a miracle. In this case, back then in 2001 the “parents” were two selectioneers: a Canadian geneticist, who found no companions in his country because his views were too progressive, and an expert in the same domain from Russia, who preferred to work abroad due to rather banal reasons – mainly lack of financial support and suspicious attitude to the object of his investigation itself.

So, two young enthusiastic scientists met and appeared to share their opinions about a necessity for new genetic material to develop new cannabis strains that would possess not only high THC and CBD contents, but also stability. Now, try to guess: where on the globe should you search for stable female marijuana plants abundant with active substances? Probably some of our most educated readers will guess that the founders of Divine Seeds went to Afghanistan, the motherland of low-height Indica plants with huge resinous buds and southern character. Some knowledge of the location gained from the talking of the Russian scientist’s friends who took part in Afghan war helped find quality genetic material in a matter of 3 years. Progress started, and by year 2005 our growrooms were enlightened with strong and healthy mother plants of more than 10 different genotypes, whose stability proved perfect. The investigation seemed to lead to something glorious.

Presently Divine Seeds is a ship that goes on and on with full speed. During these 15 years of numerous genetic experiments and cycles of stabilizing plants we gave come to offer growers from all over the globe strains of our own design with genes from whole sunny Afghanistan. Everything concerning where and how cutting and seeds travel is kept in secret for the sake of safety. But if you are curious, the genetic part of process is performed in Canada. The purpose of Divine Seeds is extending divinity in the world, and everyone interested is invited!


The genetic material that Divine Seeds uses for selectioneering cost us a great deal of work. In fact, we did not think twice and collected examples from the locations most famous as motherland to perfect smoke. We began our globetrotting in Afghanistan, combing the nearbies of Sabz Dara, Mirjan, Khujo, Anjoman, Nao and Pukh. The oriental sun, violent to any forms of life that slowly move on slopes of the mountains, awarded us with dizziness, sun burns and mightiest Indica representatives ever. Those were unbelievably hot times, indeed a challenge, which would have been harder to survive without that Indica making heat sustainable and our heart calmer. Having begun like that, we felt obliged to visit Hindu Kush, partly because it was not really far from where our expedition brought satisfactory results. Brilliant specimen were found both in Pakistani and Afghan parts of this range, some of them could be called champions in terms of stability, Next time we ventured an exploring it was the legendary Chuy Valley that we selected. The travel resulted in incomparable experience and, thankfully, genetic material that was missing for our purpose. After that, the task simplified substantially. We imported most appropriate mother strains from the Netherlands (Northern Lights, Jack Herer and other legends) to start our selectioneering process in Canada. The idea of what exactly to do had been shaped out more or less concretely while rambling in the mountains, so breeding took only three years. Now we welcome you to check out the strains developed with effort and care. You be nice to the hemp you grow from these seeds, because Divine Seeds put all our love in them.