Divine Seeds company has a totally worldly origin, despite the quality of our material, which is literally divine. A child of two rather distant cultures, the seed bank came into existence like it happens in myths, when two opposites give birth to a miracle. In our case, back then in 2001 the “parents” were two breeders: a Canadian geneticist without companions in his country (his views were too progressive) and a post-Soviet biologist specializing in the same domain. The latter preferred to work abroad due to lack of financial support and his compatriots’ suspicious attitude to the object of his investigation (cannabis).

So, exchanging some material and ideas, the two scientifically enthusiastic minds appeared to have common views about desirable qualities and possible geographic location of new unique genetic material necessary for development of potent and stable cannabis strains not simply rich in THC and CBD, but also beautiful and flavorful.

To search for endurable and extra-resinous varieties, the founders of Divine Seeds started with Afghanistan – the motherland of low-height Indica plants with huge resinous buds and purely eastern stonening powers. In a matter of three years high quality genetic basis for breeding was found: a lot of exploration and inquiries preceded this success. So, the process of creation commenced, and by 2005 our grow rooms were blessed with strong healthy mother plants of more than 10 different genotypes, sticky with resin and giving off glorious odor – a proof of high level genetics.

Presently Divine Seeds is a ship going full speed ahead. After almost two decades of numerous genetic experiments and stabilizing we can offer strains of our own design inheriting the best features of top extra-rare Afghani and Pakistani landraces, Kazakh and Thai, Brazil and Mexican, Dutch and African varieties. All details concerning the sources of cuttings and seeds are kept in secret for the sake of safety. But if you are curious, our breeding premises are situated in Canada.

The purpose of Divine Seeds is presenting divine quality cannabis to the world, and everyone is invited!


The genetic material that Divine Seeds uses for selectioneering cost us a great deal of work. In fact, we did not think twice and collected examples from the locations most famous as motherland to perfect smoke. We began our globetrotting in Afghanistan, combing the nearbies of Sabz Dara, Mirjan, Khujo, Anjoman, Nao and Pukh. The oriental sun, violent to any forms of life that slowly move on slopes of the mountains, awarded us with dizziness, sun burns and mightiest Indica representatives ever. Those were unbelievably hot times, indeed a challenge, which would have been harder to survive without that Indica making heat sustainable and our heart calmer. Having begun like that, we felt obliged to visit Hindu Kush, partly because it was not really far from where our expedition brought satisfactory results. Brilliant specimen were found both in Pakistani and Afghan parts of this range, some of them could be called champions in terms of stability, Next time we ventured an exploring it was the legendary Chuy Valley that we selected. The travel resulted in incomparable experience and, thankfully, genetic material that was missing for our purpose. After that, the task simplified substantially. We imported most appropriate mother strains from the Netherlands (Northern Lights, Jack Herer and other legends) to start our selectioneering process in Canada. The idea of what exactly to do had been shaped out more or less concretely while rambling in the mountains, so breeding took only three years. Now we welcome you to check out the strains developed with effort and care. You be nice to the hemp you grow from these seeds, because Divine Seeds put all our love in them.