Origin: Afghanistan
Type: Indica
Flowering: 60-65 Days
THC: 23 %
Harvest: 650 - 900 g/m2
Height: 140 - 180 cm

Kabul carries the name of the Afghani capital city with pride: this refined Indica is a true sample of the local genetics that has been bred by generations of hasheesh lovers in the course of centuries. Yes, Divine Seeds crew managed to discover a rare and ancient Indica landrace population that required very little improvement. Some work still has been done to stabilize it into this hardy, resinous and homogenous variety that is now offered as Kabul. Especially unusual about Kabul is its ability to gain beautiful bluish, violet and purple hues – amazingly, it is a blue variety like Blueberry! Blessed with extreme resin rates, Kabul is a highly competitive first-class strain with outstanding medical powers.


Nothing troublesome in growing, Kabul requires little to survive. Certainly, as much water, light and thought as possible is necessary to see these bushes flourishing! Although Kabul descends from plants accustomed to open air, at Divine Seeds growing premises this variety benefited from indoor conditions just as wonderfully. However, outdoor plants mostly exceeded in height and yields. Branchy structure along with solid stems allowed very convenient and productive training with Kabul: ScroG, LST, mainlining, SoG, supercropping – no limits, choose your favorite technique. Buds bigger than average grow into very dense colas, which means a necessity for active air ventilation on flowering. The odor is musky and earthy, pungent, capable of stopping insect parasites. Outdoor plants were ready for harvesting by end September – mid October. If exposed to lower temperatures during the last 1-2 weeks of blooming, Kabul plants turn violet.


In terms of stone-effect Kabul is an H-bomb: don’t judge its potency from the THC concentration. Inducing 2-3 hours of profound and overwhelming relaxation, Kabul can relieve any discomforting sensations bringing peace and tranquility to the throne. Its strong sedative properties make Kabul an efficient cure against muscle spasms and numerous neurotic symptoms, insomnia, irritability, headaches and chronic pains. A strong appetite stimulant that works wonders against nausea as well. Kabul buds possess a rich aroma: deep dank main tone, musk hints and minor citrus hues.

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