Black Opium

Origin: Afghanistan / Brazil / Colombia
Type: Indica / Sativa
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
THC: >28%
Harvest: 675 - 1000 g/m2
Height: 155 - 195 cm

Since Opium cannabis seeds entered the market, this strain has been extremely valued and sought-after due to its champion level potency, yielding and vitality. Black Opium is an exquisite modification that fully preserves the original fortes of this Brazilian-Afghani genotype! To create this sister variety, we crossed Opium with a psychedelic Colombian Sativa of dark violet coloring and a sweet grape scent. Through repeated back-crossings we accented the desirable qualities possessed by both parent varieties. The complex terpene combination of Opium responsible for its rich juniper odor is now complemented with berry hints. Dark blue and violet during the last weeks of flowering, Black Opium buds, indeed, are very close to black color when dried. Medical class strain with promoted analgesic and sedative properties. As recreational use, it can be regarded as a diamond-edition Opium for gourmets, veteran stoners and divers into the subconscious. Linalool, myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene are dominant terpenes in this 85% Indica heavy yielder.


Growing Black Opium is not a challenging task due to Opium heritage. Basically, the priorities for a massive yield in this case are providing the plants with sufficient light energy and nutrients as well as space and water. These mighty bushes will do the rest on their own — just watch them go! Certainly, impressive results can only be expected from well-trained samples. Beginners can bend their bushes or venture a careful topping / FIM. However, ScroG is the most recommended method to increase productivity and benefit the most from the space you have. Strong and healthy, Black Opium is proper material for cloning, which potentially makes SoG a highly efficient technique as well. Bear in mind that only your biggest plants should be cloned. At the start of flowering, this cannabis stretches by 20-30% and may easily overgrow your area. That’s another reason why training is strongly advisable as a way to limit vertical growth and promote horizontal development. What Black Opium smells and looks like during its flowering phase is unforgettable — a broad spectrum of musky, berry, cedar and peppery tones backgrounded by a solid earthy theme. In the last 1-2 weeks of ripening these massive cannabis trees will gain charming violet, bluish and purple colors if exposed to lower temperature.


Consuming well-dried and cured Black Opium buds is a ticket to another dimension. Be prepared for altered gravity and course of time, mind-blowing insights and perceptions from the otherside. Some minutes may last way longer than normally, and some other periods of time will have felt as if you’ve taken a shortcut. The dominant Indica genes hypnotize your nervous system and make the body very slow. Meanwhile, with 15% Sativa this fragrant bud will glow a beautiful halo in your brain! All in all, Black Opium experience is compared to diving: rather a meditative moment than time for conversation. Medical usage includes (but isn’t limited to) fighting cramps, muscle spasms and seizures, nausea or insomnia, headaches and high blood pressure — be careful if your blood pressure is lower than most people’s, because in this case a blackout is possible. Stimulates appetite and kills off irritability, great for sustaining hot weather. The effects last for 3 hours, followed by a lingering aftertrace.

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