Blue Cheese

Origin: Afghanistan / Thailand / Mexico
Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering: 60 Days
THC: 22%
Harvest: 700-850 g/m2
Height: 160-210 cm

Blue Cheese is a classical marijuana strain, first brought around by Big Buddha Seeds, now offered by Divine Seeds as well. This Indica-dominant strain is a treat for gourmands, combining the traditional “cheesy” cannabis vibe with finer berry-like flavor. A cross between Blueberry and Cheese, Blue Cheese is considered an averagely potent Indica that both helps fight against medical conditions (pains, seizures, panic, fatigue) and is fun for recreational use – sufficiently heavy to feel laid back, mellow enough to keep conversing. This strain has won numerous international awards.


Whilst flowering, the odor basically makes you think of a cheese cake: distinctly cheesy, but with sweet hints. Indoors plants seldom grow taller than 1.60 m. Use bending for height control. Blue Cheese is protected against insect pests by its pungent aroma, but these dense colas require proper air circulation and shelter during rainy days. With ScroG or LST, Blue Cheese plants can get very branchy, yielding up to 400 g/plant. With quite a strong immunity to molds and fungi, Blue Cheese can be successfully grown out of doors, with more potency and bigger yields. Ready for harvesting by late September – mid October.  


Blue Cheese tripping is both mild relaxation and giggles, because its Sativa genes are strong enough to combat any depression as well. This berry and cheesy aroma invites you to a pleasant cough while exhaling. The effects take about 5-6 minutes to begin. Excellent choice for a quiet evening after work: mildening every muscle in your body, Blue Cheese also defeats fatigue. Also, couples often find this strain attractive for intimate intercourse: relaxing as it is, Blue Cheese still has some Sativa aphrodisiac powers to offer. Expect 1.5 – 2 hours’ tripping or so.

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