Origin: Afghanistan / Brazil
Type: Indica/Sativa
Flowering: 63 Days
THC: 29%
Harvest: 1000 g/m2
Height: 150-205 cm

Divine Seeds developed Opium as a new champion strain, unprecedently powerful and loaded with unbelievable quantities of resin. Certainly, no average genetic base could be behind such brilliant parameters! Several Afghani Indica landraces, recognized as most potent and resinous, were bred together with a mighty Brazilian Sativa which Opium inherits its bright berry taste from. Then a great deal of work followed aiming for the highest THC level and endurability  as well as a branchy structure that would provide maximal yields. Now we can proudly title Opium the best Indica you could dream of growing!


Indoors these plants mostly stay mid-height (1.5 m), reaching up to 2.0 m out of doors. Depending on your height limitations, Opium flourishes universally in grow boxes, balconies, green houses and terraces. Due to its Afghani parentage, this strain can stand hot weather if provided enough water and some shadow. Responds well to any training techniques: ScroG and SoG, LST, topping and FIM, supercropping. The start of blooming is marked with a rush of growth, when plants stretch almost 1.4x. Expect heavy colas that often require additional supports. Whilst ripening, Opium gives off a pungent earthy stench with fruity and berry undertones, also a bit of pine. Ready for outdoor harvesting in October.


The stoning psychedelic impact of Opium is like being hypnotized (unless you’ve had too much, then it feels more like a blackout). Stone-lovers will appreciate every minute with Opium: its spicy taste immerses your mind into daydreaming, while the body rests flat. Recreation with this psychedelic Indica means silent tripping from one insight to another. Mighty enough to kill chronical pains, Opium is also medically efficient against insomnia, nausea, appetite disorders, muscle spasms, headaches, irritation, fatigue, panic attacks, epilepsy. Best consumed at night time, the effects keep going for up to 4 hours.



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