Auto Purple Opium

Origin: Afghanistan / Canada
Type: 90% Indica
Flowering: 9 weeks
THC: 26%
Harvest: 700-950 g/m2
Height: 120-130 cm

A potent and fancy smelling autoflowering variety, Auto Purple Opium was created by crossing the astonishingly productive and sturdy Opium (one of our best inventions!) and Purple, a violet strain whose genealogy is kept in secret. Owing to modern selection techniques and our scientific approach, Auto Purple Opium can compete with his cousin, Auto Opium, in terms of fruitfulness. The original berry-like Opium smell is now more flowery, diluted with the sour sweet grape scent that Purple is famous for. Having inherited Opium’s terrific resin production ability, the new violet hybrid has shown itself a wonderful material for hashish-making. Its yummy aroma is a neat package for the medical benefits and overwhelming impact characteristic of Auto Purple Opium.


In cultivation, the new hybrid has been found sturdy and flexible, which allowed it to flourish with equal strength in grow rooms (soil or non-soil) and outdoor plantations, green houses. Vegetating Auto Purple Opium plants need at least 16 litres’ space to develop a broad root system, which in future provides for a thick stem and branches. The beginning of bloom is marked with 1-2 weeks’ surge of growth, after which plants reach their final height and begin to multiply calyxes. At this stage the odor is clearly noticeable, and in 5 weeks, when every bush looks like cotton candy with its huge aromatic buds growing in dense clusters, the stench becomes unbearable. No insect parasites normally dare get close to these poisonous beauties! For outdoor plants harvest time is end September.


No average smoke, Auto Purple Opium is for more experienced stoners. The impact kicks in within 5-7 minutes and can be described as a sense of dizziness accompanied with profound relaxation of every muscle in your body, while the user’s mind falls into a pleasant silence. Surprisingly potent, Auto Purple Opium is not a strain that stimulates communication or motion. Best enjoyed solo-style, it can still be enjoyed with the ones you have known enough to understand without words. Medical usage includes treating chronic pains, panic attacks, muscular hypertension and spasms, lack of appetite and insomnia. The effects last for 3 hours.

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