Pablo Escobar

Origin: Colombia / Afghanistan
Type: 90% Sativa, 10% Indica
Flowering: 71 Days
THC: >25%
Harvest: 700 g/m2
Height: 180-200 cm

Pablo Escobar by Divine Seeds is a piquant Columbian strain with extreme potency. This 90% Sativa originates from Santa Marta mountains, the region known both for its highly nourishing ground and flamboyant Sativa marijuana. We used an especially prominent variety that local inhabitants had cultivated for several centuries. That’s the basic explanation why Pablo Escobar is perfect both in growing and consumption – it has undergone a great deal of selection even before Divine Seeds stabilized it! Its mango odor (a sign that Pablo Escobar is rich in myrcene) is intricately shaded with piny and musky undertones.


Expect height up to 2 m. This Sativa is an exclusive option for beginners – sturdy, vivid and undemanding. As for growing conditions, Pablo Escobar is universal, accepting all kinds of indoor setups (soil/hydroponic) work and flourishing even better in outdoor plantations, green houses. When little, sprains need care and protection from pests, however their growing tempo is impressive. More or less grown plants become resistant, since their Colombian mother strain was quite capable of defending itself against diseases and insects. Large sticky buds with gleamy white crystals resembling hoar frost. Make sure to ventilate your grow box well to avoid cola rotting, because Pablo Escobar blooms thickly! Ready for outdoor harvesting by late October.


Its psychedelic impact can sometimes be overwhelming, bringing a risk of disorientation – especially for new smokers. The good thing is, Pablo Escobar tripping is more about euphoria, conversing and laughter. It is not likely to cause a rush in thinking or to induce paranoia unless you overmeasure your portion. Just like its sweet tropical aroma, this energy and vigor never fails to light up a smile on your face! Best enjoyed at parties, gigs, outdoor activities, in romantic intercourse – basically, this yummy bud is a brilliant choice to warm up any kind of adventure. In therapy it may help against ADHD, PTSD, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Helps to focus. Appropriate for any daytime use.



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