Pablo Escobar Fast

Origin: Colombia / Afghanistan
Type: Sativa / Indica
Flowering: 44 - 50 Days
THC: 26%
Harvest: 750 - 1000 g/m2
Height: 190 - 250 cm

Our Colombian wonder, Pablo Escobar, offers a neat package of qualities that top-shelf cannabis is traditionally valued for. Creating the fast variant was an ultimately responsible job, since we had to preserve the original beauty of this Sativa boasting tropical flavor (mostly mango), massive dense colas, strong health and impressive yielding – along with an attractive appearance. Obviously, no other genetics got involved in the breeding process: the original strain was crossed with its day-neutral version, then numerous back-crossings followed. But that’s not even half the story: it took numerous selection cycles to bring Pablo Escobar Fast into existence. How a tropical variety “learned” to finish blooming within 8 weeks without a decrease in yields – well, our breeders are both scientists and cannabis lovers. Impossible is nothing if you put progressive knowledge to work, solidifying it with well-apprehended traditions.


So, what does the bush itself look like? Without training, Pablo Escobar Fast produces slender marijuana plants whose darker shade of green is a reminder of thick tropical flora under the sun of Colombia. Not especially branchy, this cannabis easily switches to a substantially broader structure when trained. Speaking of which, we’ve done our best to make our Fast products hardy enough for training methods that suggest stressing plants (e.g. FIM or topping). Nonetheless, the basic rule applies here: topping, supercropping or cloning is reasonable with the strongest, healthiest and biggest samples only! As for bushes looking more like David (rather than Goliath), milder techniques such as LST or ScroG are recommended. The start of blooming is marked with a dramatic surge of vegetative growth. Starting from this point, the odor gradually obtains a clearly fruity character, getting sweeter every week to eventually become pungent. Ready for harvesting by mid-September.


A clear-headed cerebral high like this is no common thing! Euphoric and energetic, in full correspondence with the mouth-watering bubblegum smell of these buds (good size and not especially fluffy), this altered state of mind puts no limits to your ways of having fun! Great for any kind of dynamic activity, Pablo Escobar Fast doesn’t overstimulate you: calmer time-spending like watching movies or conversing is just as enjoyable while Sativa sparkles help you concentrate. Wonderful ice-breaker at parties, musical events and dates – anybody feels 16 again! Medical usage makes sense when fighting depression, nausea, PTSD, ADD. Wards off fatigue and helps to stay awake. Careful portioning is required, since big doses may cause disorientation or (less probable) paranoia. Keeps you rolling for 2 – 2.5 hours.

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