Origin: Afghanistan/ Thai
Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Flowering: 64 days
THC: 23%
Harvest: 600-800 g/m2
Height: 140-180 cm

Euphoria is a high quality hybrid developed by crossing an Afghani Indica landrace with Thai. Fast to flower, Euphoria has a special happy mellow impact that gave this strain its name. Euphoria can definitely be advised as a first-time smoker’s #1 choice! For that purpose Divine Seeds breeders did a lot of science and calculation while creating it. The progressive breeding regulating cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBN, CBG etc.) that buds contain into a balance that would make for releasing the most abundant dopamine outburst cannabis could possibly cause. Euphoria marijuana and human are meant to be happy together – in a scientific way.


In cultivation, these plants are nothing problematic if approached with some basic ideas about how to handle photoperiod marijuana. Euphoria maternal plants have been found resistant against molds and insect pests, seldom suffered from heat, watering had to be done sufficiently and measuredly. While vegetating, Euphoria plants responded well to any kind of training: LST, FIM, topping, ScroG and SoG, supercropping, etc. On the verge of blooming this cannabis mostly demonstrated an average stretch ratio (1.2 – 1.4x)… and that exact moment was when Euphoria’s flowery sweet smell (resembling lilac) would begin. Further into flowering Euphoria plants sometimes needed supports to hold their massive colas. Ready for outdoor harvesting by late October.


Euphoria tripping means a lot of giggling and should be enjoyed out of doors or in the company of closest friends – by the way, it also is aphrodisiac. Most appropriate for afternoon and night smoke, these intricate-smelling sticky buds can be immensely enjoyed as a wake-and-bake option, too. By the way, users’ mobility is not limited with these hybrid buds: dancing, walks with scenery or other activities alike can be a beautiful experience. Not quite analgesic, Euphoria can still be helpful against moderate pains as well as muscle spasms, nausea or appetite loss, irritability and depression. Kills off fatigue and defends chronic stress, also great for curing hangover. Some sportsmen use Euphoria to alleviate muscle aching after practise. The effects last for up to 2 hours.

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