Auto OG Indica

Origin: Pakistan / Canada
Type: Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
Flowering: 55 Days
THC: 20%
Harvest: 400 - 500 g/m2
Height: 80 - 130 cm

Auto OG Indica might seem a compromise but in fact it rocks the scene of stealth growing. Has there ever been a “mini” strain that could combine generous resin production with outstanding vigor and potency? Perhaps, but among short-height varieties no other cannabis beats this new day-neutral champ descending from landrace genetics native to the Hindu Kush (a mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan) and an OG Kush phenotype. Firstly we did several various crossings that resulted in numerous batches. Two sturdiest and most potent phenos became parents to our new strain, and by adding a pinch of Ruderalis genes OG Indica Auto-Feminized was created. It keeps receiving fantastic reviews from Pakistani and Afghani valuers, by the way!


Expectedly, these non-capricious marijuana seeds are #1 choice for indoor and stealth growing, noticeably productive even in limited spaces. However, their performance in outdoor plantations has been impressive – both in the process and at harvest point! Originating from a severe mountain environment and bred with strategy, Auto OG Indica is a valiant warrior. Flourishing in various climatic conditions, she cares nothing about minor stress from temperature shifts, training, moderate underwatering or handling mistakes! Avoid any kind of radical training, though – stick to LST or ScroG. Given enough resources and care whilst vegetation, this strain produces bushy broad-structured plants equipped with thick stems ready to carry the juicy weight of future floral growth. Blooming in dense “nuggets”, OG Indica Day-Neutral reeks aloud spreading musky and coniferous stench that requires air filtering even in plantations as big as one plant.


Medical users, this strain can hardly be overestimated as a chance to grow cannabis easily – even on a sunny windowsill! As for therapeutic benefits, this smoke kills moderate pains, nausea, insomnia as well as muscle spasms/seizures/cramps. Stimulates appetite. Recreational usage suggests unwinding after hard work, enjoying movies or music, devoting time to hobbies that require concentration. Not much of a bud for walking or talking, but romantic intercourse becomes meditatively profound (in lower dosages). By the way, beware: despite its moderate THC percentage, OG Indica Auto-Fem should be carefully portioned to avoid loss of control and disorientation. Expect being stoned for 1-1.5 hours.

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