Northern Lights

Origin: Afghanistan / Thailand
Type: 95% Indica/ 5% Sativa
Flowering: 65-67 days
THC: 23%
Harvest: 500-850 g/m2
Height: 150 – 195 cm

Northern Lights is a well-known leaning Indica descending from Afghani and Thai. Scores of new cannabis strains have profited from Northern Lights’ genetics, which comes as no surprise: NL has won numerous awards at international cannabis contests and a great deal of connoisseurs all over the world respect this hybrid for its exclusive aromatic qualities as well as outstanding stability. Originating from the Netherlands, Northern Lights became and still is among top medical and recreational strains. Sturdy and non-demanding, NL is considered perfect for beginner growers. However, its ease does not mean less potency: some samples of Northern Lights buds were found to contain 33% THC!


Divine Seeds present their Northern Lights phenotype that produces medium height and taller plants with a traditional orange (sometimes compared to juniper) hue to its scent and overwhelming stoning powers. An often choice for indoor growing, soil and non-soil (partly because of weaker odor), Northern Lights flourishes and yields more when grown out of doors. Also, maternal plants have been proven highly resistant to molds. In their structure, NL bushes are typically Indica: branchy and broad-shaped, with medium-size buds and a moderate resin production rate. Harvesting time for outdoor Northern Lights cannabis is late September.


This cannabis can be medically prescribed for combating insomnia, epilepsy, fatigue and irritation, scattered sclerosis, appetite disorders, nausea, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Its impact is mellow and relaxing in a euphoric way. Perfect for a quiet evening with one’s thoughts or closest people. This moderate stoning has also been appreciated as a means to improve mental concentration and focus on one activity, leaving any distractions out of sight. In this aspect, some people find Northern Lights a helping hand for creativity. Helps sustain hot weather. A strong appetite stimulant. More appropriate for evening use.

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