Divine Sativa

Origin: Mexico / Colombia
Type: Sativa
Flowering: 90 Days
THC: 22-24%
Harvest: 700-1200 g/m2
Height: 220-300 cm

There’s more than a proud title about Divine Sativa – meant as a perfect Sativa strain, it lives up to its creators’ dreams! Bred by crossing several Sativa strains, this genotype underwent a lot of improvement by means of selection. Now its refined taste and exquisite appearance make Divine Sativa a beauty queen. A non-beginner genotype that experienced growers (especially hourmands) will appreciate for its vigor and resistability – these qualities are uncommon for 100% Sativas, and its endurability is why Divine Sativa is considered a reliable commercial strain! With its tropical charm, Divine Sativa usually becomes anyone’s favorite after their first harvest time together.


These are huge tropical plants thirsty for a great deal of air, water and light. Divine Sativa is a rare indoor inhabitant, but this has more to do with space management than with the strain itself: in a grow box with enough room for plants 3 m tall, with proper ventilation and lights, brilliant results can be expected! The trick is to control the growth and adjust both the lights and the plants. Such techniques as FIM or topping, ScroG, SoG, supercropping or mainlining are highly recommendible as a height restriction. Along with that, defoliation is often necessary to eliminate shade and provide better ventilation. Out of doors Divine Sativa flourishes in warmer climates, but even if November is cold in your region, a greenhouse can help your plants ripen no matter the weather. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid November.


Divine Sativa impact is a clear-headed euphoric cerebral high. Not causing a rush if moderately portioned, this energy is a helping hand in any activity that involves creative thinking or fast decisions. A perfect wake-and-bake strain. Great for creating romantic atmosphere as well as sharpening your senses during sex, Divine Sativa is also an aphrodisiac. Not causing drowsiness at all, it fits any daytime (except before bed) and can be enjoyed at work with its ability to help people concentrate. Medical usage includes combating depression, bipolar syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease. The effect lasts for 2-3 hours.

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