Divine Sativa

Origen: Canada
Tipo: Sativa
Floración: 110-120 Days
THC: 22-24%
Cosecha: 500-700 g/m2
Altura: 300 cm

Divine Sativa was bred by crossing several Sativa strains chosen for high resin production. This is a non-beginner genotype, but experienced growers and especially hourmands will appreciate its bright appearance, strength, and rich aroma combined with its ability to induce a mighty cerebral high. With its tropical charm, Divine Sativa usually becomes your favorite Sativa after you harvest it for the first time.

These are huge tropical plants that require a lot of air, water and light. Indoors Divine Sativa is seldom grown, but in fact there are no restrictions: if your grow box has room for plants 3 m tall, with proper ventilation and lights you will achieve brilliant results. Out of doors Divine Sativa flourishes in warmer climates, but even if November is cold in your country, a green house can help your plants ripen no matter the weather. Provide regular watering. It is recommended to use FIM or topping as well as ScroG, SoG, supercropping or mainlining to restrict its vertical growth, promote its bushiness and reach far more yields. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid November.

Divine Sativa impact is a clear-headed euphoric cerebral high that won’t get you in a rush if the portioning is measured. The effect lasts for 2-3 hours. A perfect wake-and-bake strain. Also, romantic intercourse will be more sensual if both partners have a taste of this exquisite smelling piny smoke. Fits for any daytime consumption.

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