Auto Deadryder

Origin: Afghanistan / Mexico / Canada
Type: 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis
Flowering: 63 days
THC: 19%
Harvest: 300 g/m2
Height: 65-75 cm

Our Deadryder Auto-Feminized originates from the legendary Lowryder – the first day-neutral variety ever! Certainly, we have enriched and enhanced this genetics as profoundly as possible by means of selection. Developed in the Netherlands with the assistance of Quantlen Canadian University of Vancouver, Deadryder Day-Neutral is a new generation auto-feminized strain: richer in resin, taller and a bigger yielder, meanwhile its original features such as  adaptivity, convenience and moderate odor have been preserved.


Nothing demanding, Auto Deadryder can undoubtedly be advised to growers lacking space or experience. Plants never exceed 65-75 cm height, flourishing in and out of doors, in greenhouses, balconies, stealth growboxes. Well-trained plants bloom abundantly, bursting with  dense floral growth – use LST or ScroG techniques for that during vegetation stage. An early ripener, Auto Deadryder reaches harvest point 9 weeks after blooming turns in.


The strain tastes hashy, with hints of sandal and piny hues. Auto Deadryder is a medical marijuana strain that kills stress, tension, irritation, nausea and, on the other hand, stimulates your appetite, creates a general vibe of well-being and makes for positive thinking, helps you concentrate. Recreation with Deadryder fits best those who prefer to chill out (maybe with unobtrusive mental insights) while cannabis tripping, not necessarily being couch-locked. Works great for sustaining heat. Appropriate for any daytime consumption.

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