Auto Deadryder

Origen: Canada/Netherlands
Tipo: 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis
Floración: 63
THC: 19%
Cosecha: 300 g/m2
Altura: 65-75 cm

Auto Deadryder by Divine Seeds originates from the legendary Lowryder. In fact, it is Lowryder somewhat enhanced. Developed by selection in the Netherlands with the assistance of Quantlen Canadian University of Vancouver. Compared to its parent, Auto Deadryder is spicier and taller, with bigger yields. Also it is a productivity champion among stealth cannabis varieties.

Auto Deadryder is not a demanding strain at all, so it is quite popular with growers short of experience or time. Plants do not exceed 65-75 cm’s height. Flourishes indoors and out of doors, in greenhouses, balconies, stealth grow boxes. Well-trained plants are abundant in blooming, growing numerous massive buds – hence it is recommendable to use LST or ScroG whilst vegetating. One of the earliest cannabis strains, Auto Deadryder reaches the harvest condition in 9 weeks after the plants switch to blooming.

The strain tastes hashy, with exotic cedar, pine and sandal notes. Auto Deadryder is a medical marijuana strain that kills stress, tension, irritation, nausea, stimulates your appetite. For recreational purposes it fits best those who prefer relaxation and mental insights while cannabis tripping. More appropriate for night consumption.

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