Auto Mazar

Origin: Afghanistan / Canada
Type: Indica/ Ruderalis
Flowering: 57-60 days
THC: 25%
Harvest: 500-750 g/m2
Height: 120 – 145 cm

Auto Mazar is an autoflowering version of Mazar by Divine Seeds, bred by crossing the latter with a specially chosen day-neutral variety – a pure Indica. Afghani cannabis is known for its unbeatable will for life, and a bit of Ruderalis genes makes Auto Mazar a universal survivor that can combat severe conditions! The hashy and dank musky scent remained perfectly the same: only 100% authenticity. What we have significantly enhanced about Auto Mazar is its THC level, reaching 25% – that was done by means of selection. Just a reminder, this genotype has always been ahead of any other in terms of stability.


A mid-height variety, Auto Mazar fits into most indoor growing systems, but its pungent smell has to be taken into consideration. Auto Mazar also flourishes in outdoor plantations, green houses and can be a great compact fast-ripening choice for hydroponic growing. A descendant of Skunk #1 and a sturdy Afghani Indica, this strain can resist most minor mishandling. Highly recommended for first time growing! Provide at least 12 litres space for each plant’s root system if growing Auto Mazar in soil or substrate. This cannabis needs to develop a strong stem to reveal its productivity. Out of doors dense colas that Auto Mazar cannabis produces should be covered during rainy weeks. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August.


An almost pure Indica, Auto Mazar creates a strong and long-lasting relaxation accompanied with an overall sensation of well-being and serenity. Kills fatigue, stress and nausea, puts insomnia to sleep, relaxes profoundly every muscle in the body. A strong appetite stimulant, it can hardly ever be consumed without a real feast following! Quite capable of handling a headache or chronic pain, Auto Mazar is also recommended as a means against cramps and seizures. Expect about 2-3 hours’ tripping. Best consumed at night time – a morning smoke might take all the zeal out of you. However, hot summer days are easily sustained with a small portion of this fragrant bud.


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