Auto Mazar

Origen: Afghanistan
Tipo: Indica/ Ruderalis
Floración: 57-60 days
THC: 25%
Cosecha: 500-750 g/m2
Altura: 120 – 145 cm

Auto Mazar is derived from the same Afghani genotype as Mazar by Divine Seeds. A shorter variety, it fits into most indoor growing systems, but its pungent hashy smell has to be concealed with the help of coal filtering.


Auto Mazar also flourishes in outdoor plantations, green houses and can be a great compact fast-ripening choice for hydroponic growing. Being a descendant of Skunk #1 and a sturdy Afghani Indica, this strain can resist most minor mishandlings and can be recommended for first time growing.


While the plants are vegetating, train them for a broader structure using LST or ScroG, but do not stress Auto Mazar with FIM, topping, supercropping, transplantation and any kinds of cutting or breaking.


Provide at least 12 litres space for each plant’s root system if growing Auto Mazar in soil or substrate. Resistant to molds, this cannabis needs to develop a strong stem to reveal its productivity: indoors use fans to make it oscillate slightly during vegetation phase. The same fans will provide air circulation necessary for dense colas that Auto Mazar plants carry. Out of doors flowering Auto Mazar cannabis should be covered during rainy weeks. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August.


This mellow Indica creates a strong and long-lasting relaxation accompanied with an overall well-being feeling and serenity, it also kills fatigue and puts insomnia to sleep. Strong appetite stimulant. Best consumed at night time.


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