Auto AK-47 XL

Origin: Colombia / Brazil / Afghanistan
Type: 70% Sativa / 20% Indica / 10% Ruderalis
Flowering: 59 Days
THC: 21-24%
Harvest: 750 g/m2
Height: 85-120 cm

Auto AK-47 XL by Divine Seeds is an improved autoflowering analogue of the famous AK-47. This 70% Sativa was developed in 2010 and has gained many growers’ and breeders’ interest. “XL” doesn’t stand for height: serious work was done to increase its productivity and potency. The best thing about Auto AK-47 XL is its resistance to imperfect conditions combined with a euphoric high and beautiful exotic appearance. Beginners’ sure choice, Auto AK-47 XL is productive, flavorful and psychoactive enough to be used for commercial purpose growing.


Indoors expect plants 85-120 cm tall, outdoor samples averagely grow about 1.5 m. Auto AK-47 XL cannabis flourishes in soil and non-soil environments including forests and gardens, hydroponic setups, balconies and greenhouses. Not capricious at all, the strain has shown a strong immunity to moderate temperature shifts. No expressed vulnerability to fungi or mold has been noticed with Auto AK-47 XL. Сonvenient for handling and training due to its open and branchy structure. Blooming plants produce massive pungent stench just as an AK-47 hybrid should. Ready for outdoor harvesting by end of August – early September.


After dried and cured, Auto AK-47 XL buds give off fragrance that mostly consists of citrus and piny hints as well as musk. 5-7 minutes from smoke starts a mellow tripping that helps forget the rest when concentration or, otherwise, relaxation is required. Any creativity is performed energetically and becomes more fun with Auto AK-47 XL in the background. Possible medical prescriptions include depression, nausea, bipolar and Alzheimer’s disease as well as ADD and PTSD. A light anesthetic effect is also reported. Appropriate for any daytime use (not before bed). The effects last for 2 hours.

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