Auto AK-47 XL

Origen: Canada/Afghanistan
Tipo: 70% Sativa / 20% Indica / 10% Ruderalis
Floración: 59 Days
THC: 21-24%
Cosecha: 750 g/m2
Altura: 85-120 cm

Auto AK-47 XL by Divine Seeds is an improved autoflowering analogue of the famous AK-47. This 70% Sativa was developed in 2010. The best thing about Auto AK-47 XL is its resistance to any difficulties that plants may encounter combined with a euphoric high and exotic looks. Beginners’ sure choice, Auto AK-47 XL is productive, tasty and psychoactive enough to be chosen for commercial purpose growing.

Indoors expect 85-120 cm’s height, outdoor plants are mostly 1.5 m tall. Can be grown both in flower pots and in the ground, gardens, green houses, hydroponic setups. Not really demanding, resistant to temperature shifts (if not too brutal). Not much vulnerable to fungi or mold. Сonvenient for handling and training due to its open and branchy structure. Blooming plants reek just as AK-47 should. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August.

Auto AK-47 XL buds smell of orange candy. This is mellow tripping that helps forget the rest when you need to concentrate or, otherwise, unwind. Efficient against depression, nausea. A light anesthetic effect is reported. Appropriate for any daytime use.

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