Amnesia XL

Origin: Hawaii / India / Colombia
Type: 65% Sativa / 35% Indica
Flowering: 64-66 days
THC: 25%
Harvest: 700-900 g/m2
Height: 180-250 cm

Amnesia marijuana strains are among the most world-famous rich flavor Sativas, renowned for their energizing effects and exquisite smell. Amnesia XL by Divine Seeds was bred by crossing several Amnesia Haze phenotypes. The idea was to create a more massive variety with a shorter flowering period. As a result, Amnesia XL takes to flower just a little slower than Indica normally does: 66 days. Apart from that, the new hybrid has been proven sturdier and more adaptive to non-tropic climatic conditions. Descends from Thai, Hawaiian, Mexican, Colombian, Indian and Afghani cannabis varieties. Created using Canadian breeding technologies and in accordance with traditional Amnesia family qualities, Amnesia XL seeds are 100% original genetic material secured with a germination guarantee.


Flourishing indoors and out, in soil/substrate or in hydroponic systems, greenhouses and terraces, Amnesia XL can be truly classified as a universal strain. For full growth every plant requires 18-25 litres for its root system. Amnesia XL has less leaves than most Amnesias, but for best yields training should be applied. Use any technique you feel sure about: ScroG, LST, supercropping, topping and FIM. Indoor plants should be switched to flowering as soon as they reach half admitable size to prevent overgrowing. Also Air circulation is of great importance for Amnesia XL, since it both prefers humid air and needs it fresh. An intensive odor, but not pungent. Ready for outdoor harvesting by late October.


Amnesia XL induces a surge of vigor and clear thinking, which is why this Sativa rules parties as well as outdoor trips and romantic dates. Helping concentrate, it also enhances your body awareness and amplifies any colors, sounds or tastes that you perceive. Musicians, artists and public speakers sometimes use such kind of marijuana for enthusiasm. Wonderfully cheering up any outdoor activity, Amnesia XL buds are vastly enjoyed at barbecues in nature’s lap. Can be used for warding off sleep. The effects last for 2.5 hours. Appropriate for any daytime use.

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