Amnesia XL

Origen: Afghanistan
Tipo: 55% Indica/ 45% Sativa
Floración: 64-66 days
THC: 25%
Cosecha: 700-900 g/m2
Altura: 180-250 cm

Amnesia marijuana strains are among the most famous and Sativas, renowned for their energizing effects and exquisite smell. Amnesia XL by Divine Seeds was bred by crossing Amnesia Haze’. The purpose was partly a shorter flowering period, and Amnesia XL is just as fast as Indica usually is: only 66 days to flower. Also this genotype is sturdier and more adaptive to non-tropic climatic conditions.

Genetically it originates from Thai, Hawaiian, Afghani and Dutch cannabis and can be grown indoors and out, in soil/substrate or in hydroponic systems, greenhouses and balconies. For full growth provide every plant with an 18-25 litres pot (if using a pot). Amnesia XL has less leaves than most Amnesias, but still for best yields it has to undergo training.

Use any technique you feel sure about: ScroG, LST, supercropping, topping and FIM. Indoor growers, do not forget to switch your plants to flowering as soon as they reach half admitable size, or else Amnesia XL marijuana might overgrow your setup. Air circulation is of great importance for Amnesia XL, since it prefers humid air, and the atmosphere must not get stale (especially whilst blooming).

Intensive smell, but not pungent. Ready for outdoor harvesting by late October. The impact that Amnesia XL brings about is a rush of vigor and clear thinking, which is why this Sativa rules parties as well as outdoor trips and romantic dates. Appropriate for any time use.

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