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: Legal Conditions in USA and CIS Concerning Marijuana Seeds and Cultivation

Legal Conditions in USA and CIS Concerning Marijuana Seeds and Cultivation


THC containing hemp as well as its products is illegal almost all over the globe, except such locations as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Jamaica. The aforementioned countries officially permit growing small quantities of marijuana and purchasing it strictly for personal use in spectacular shops licensed for marijuana sale. Also, within Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a place named Freetown Christiania where cannabis is both legal and easily available, although Danish law prosecutes marijuana use and distribution.

Canada and certain states in America permit medical use of marijuana.

Why America regards marijuana legalization

2012 is known as the point when the US government commenced planning a marijuana legalization drive. However, even by now among politicians the fierce argument on appropriateness of this decision has not come to an end. Regardless, four American states (namely Colorado, Washington, district of Columbia and Alaska) have legalized marijuana recreational use without medical surveillance. This result was not achieved easily, though. Over twelve years there had been war about this piquant matter – luckily, not without progress. In the nearest future about ten American states are in for the similar changes.

In CIS marijuana will not be tolerated

Half a century ago you would be astonished with the fact that in the USSR growing and smoking any marijuana products was not a crime. However, the authorities did their best to oppress smokers even without a correspondent juridical base.

Nowadays, in any country of CIS there stand similar laws named “On Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances”. Marijuana is in the first list of forbidden substances and absolutely out of circulation, at least according to the documents.

Growing marijuana (hemp with a narcotic effect) is against the Criminal Code. Use of marijuana entails a substantial fine, whereas purchase, storage, transportation or production of marijuana-related products is a heavy crime. The decisive circumstance, though, lies in the quantity of illegal substance. 6 g of dry marijuana or 2 g of hasheesh would be a “large quantity”.

All in all, moderate use of cannabis was long ago scientifically proven efficient in treatment of various health problems. What matters is a sober view, proper medical surveillance and adhering to the law of your country.

Attention! Cannabis seeds contain absolutely no narcotic substances and are legal almost everywhere, including America and CIS (except Belarus, where seeds can be seized by the authorities). Industrial cultivation that implies no production of narcotics is permitted as well.