Turkman Valley

Origin: Pakistan / Mexico / Afghanistan
Type: Indica / Sativa
Flowering: 55-62 Days
THC: 22%
Harvest: 600 - 750 g/m2
Height: 120 - 150 cm

Turkman Valley was developed for smokers and growers who expect something special. Divine Seeds breeders picked parent strains carefully to provide utmost stability, productivity and potency. So, Turkman Valley is 80% Indica originating from the famous AK-47 and the hashiest Pakistani Indica ever – Hindu Kush. There has been a lot of genetic engineering done to preserve, combine and sublime these two genotypes’ best traits, and now Turkman Valley is just perfect: rich in resin, productive above average and with an exquisite fruity smell.


Fits well both for indoor and outdoor growing, in soil, substrate or in a hydroponic setup. Turkman Valley stays mid-height indoors (up to 1.20 m) and may reach almost 2 m grown under the sun. These sturdy plants need enough water and space to grow their full size. For better yields it is recommended to train Turkman Valley in mid-vegetation: LST, ScroG and SoG, supercropping and mainlining – any technique is welcome. Make sure to provide proper ventilation and air circulation, especially later into flowering: thick colas need constant air refreshment. Ready for outdoor harvesting by late September. Expect quite a stench.


Turkman Valley is no weakling’s smoke: one hit mostly does it. First 5 minutes are sometimes a cerebral high experience, but then follows 2-3 hours’ stoning. Turkman Valley lowers your blood pressure, kills nausea and insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pains. More appropriate for night time use.

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