Origin: Afghanistan / Colombia / Mexico
Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering: 62 - 65 Days
THC: 27%
Harvest: 750 - 1000 g/m2
Height: 165 - 220 cm

Experience with such marijuana varieties as Overdose can never be forgotten: we used every possible technology to design it as a medical strain with outstanding potency and luxurious sweetish aroma. We chose a uniquely resinous and sturdy phenotype of L.S.D., the queen among the most psychedelic cannabis. It was crossed with a sweet-scented hybrid of our own device. Both parents had a lot of potential, and naturally so did their progeny! We spent a lot of time revealing and accentuating those desirable traits through selection and numerous cleverly combined back-crossings. The result was fantastic in every aspect that cannabis is valued for: ultimate resin concentration and rich THC contents are pleasantly accompanied by strong health and an intricate smell resembling chocolate chip cookies with hints of cedar, musk and Indian spice. Afghani genetics is dominant here, interlaced with Colombian and Mexican Sativa heritage. 


Growing Overdose cannabis is not a problematic task because this strain inherits endurability from its ancestors: literally every variety Overdose has in its genealogy is duly considered strong and healthy. However, it takes cultivation skills to grow this bush as huge, potent and fragrant as it can be, not to mention a lot of light and clever use of nutrients. In a hydroponic setup sturdy Overdose develops confidently and fruits generously provided that no mishandling occurs. On the other hand, you may as well use this non-capricious variety for learning and practicing. Give it 16-24 weeks of vegetating time and make sure a training technique like ScroG or LST is used — a wide-built bush able to yield massively will be the result. Perfect for cloning, Overdose has also shown itself a wonderful SoG material. When switching to bloom, this marijuana intensifies its piney scent at the same time gaining some sweet fruity hues. Flowering Overdose plants should be given all possible aeration, and the air humidity has to drop below 50%. With an amazing immunity to diseases and pests, they need protection against stale air or excessive moisture. Otherwise, their extremely thick floral mass is in danger of catching molds / rot. Weighty and bright-colored at the ripening stage, Overdose is a heavy yielder able of producing up to 800 g/m2 indoors or up to 1000 g per plant in an outdoor plantation.  


Tripping with Overdose is so relaxing that one has to be prepared. Due to high contents of THC and CBD, this bud keeps users couch-locked for 2-3 hours! The scent is rarely lush: nuts, cedar, dried apricots and pine are undertoned with a profound earthy theme. Properly grown and dried buds are sticky and should be portioned carefully or else disorientation / blackout is possible. Recreational use of Overdose tends to be solo-style. If you have a companion for your tripping, the communication will be like that of divers deep under water: more signs than words. Interestingly, small portions may actually work as a great aphrodisiac agent! In therapy, Overdose can be beneficial to those combating muscle spasms, appetite loss or nausea, insomnia, chronic or post-surgery pains, PTSD. Lowers your blood pressure. Notably, this hybrid is not pure Afghani Indica that simply puts all your inner and outward activity to a standstill! With Sativa strains of Colombia and Mexico in its pedigree, Overdose is a portal to a psychedelic adventure, a special magical potion that can make walls transparent and send things levitating around you — only in your mind, of course. The effects last for 3-4 hours.

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