Origin: Afghanistan
Type: Indica
Flowering: 59 days
THC: 23%
Harvest: 800-1000 g/m2
Height: 170-200 cm

Mazar is a famous strain originating from Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan’s second largest city. This unique Indica that can be considered an icon of Afghani marijuana, although technically Mazar is a cross between Skunk #1 and a local Indica landrace. Sturdy, universal and a heavy stoner, Mazar has been known globally for its high stability that results in 100% homogenous plants (under identical growing conditions). Amazingly rich in resin, Mazar has an earthy odor somewhat undertoned with piny and skunky hints. Mazar by Divine Seeds is an authentic phenotype with a high quality fully correspondent to the awards that this variety has won at international cannabis contests!


Given enough root space, Mazar plants tend to grow branchy and broad. Training such as SoG, ScroG, LST or FIM can almost double their yielding volumes. During vegetative phase, maternal plants formed strong root systems and a solid basis for future colas. Switching to bloom was accompanied with a 2-3 weeks rush of growth. Amazingly, this pungent Indica smell also tickles one’s nostrils with brighter hues: fruity, citrus-like and sweet. Further into blooming every plant resembled a huge bud. Generous in resin, Mazar could protect itself against insect pests. Resistant to heat owing to its eastern origin, these plants could be undoubtedly recommended to beginners. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid or end October.


Mazar is appreciated by medical users for its pain-killing, sedative and anti-emetic properties. Also a #1 choice against insomnia, however the munchies can be a threat: sometimes people consume every food they have Mellow stoning effects can be a nice companion to quiet evenings, some users even enjoy taking walks with Mazar. Partly because of slight Sativa percentage, this cannabis adds more fun to contemplation, be it watching a movie or listening to your loved ones’ talk. This meditative state of mind can also help focus on creativity. The flavor is earthy and musky, More appropriate for evening use. Effects last for 1.5 – 2 hours


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