Origin: Afghanistan / Mexico / Colombia
Type: Indica/Sativa
Flowering: 60-70 Days
THC: 24%
Harvest: 600-950 g/m2
Height: 170-195 cm

Fractal is an especially psychedelic strain that Divine Seeds developed for esoteric and mystical experiences, meditation and creativity. A potent and vivid landrace variety from Southern India was crossed with a sticky leaning Indica (mostly Afghani), then Skunk #1 joined this company. Their progeny underwent multiple selection experiments, until its massive built, resin concentration and hypnotizing powers reached an ultimate level. The result is now known as Fractal – resinous, spicy and productive. Best choice for commercial growing: a compromise between bigger yields and fast ripening! A great source of hashish that has something incense-like to its musky smell.


Indoors expect 170 сm height, out of doors plants grow up to 200 сm. Fractal fits for all types of growing environment: grow boxes, hydroponic or aeroponic setups, outdoor plantations, balconies, terraces and green houses. For more weight it is recommended to train Fractal plants so as to broaden their structure and limit their vertical growth. For that purpose use ScroG or SoG, LST, FIM or topping, supercropping or mainlining – there are no limitations for the strain itself, but certainly low-stress methods are recommended to smaller samples. Fractal has an inherent immunity to molds and insect pests, but since its colas are thick, protect your plants from stale air. Also during rainy weeks your plantation may need to be covered. Ready for outdoor harvesting in October. Big and dense buds the color of olive, hunter green heavily coated with crystals.


Whole Fractal buds smell hashy and earthy, while cedar and fruity hints are noticeable on breaking. Measure your portion carefully: the potency is above average! With Fractal you experience an overall stoning that either keeps you put or slows your motion down, also vertigo is possible. However, in moderate dosage the impact is described as a pleasant sensation of well-being and placidity. Perfect for spending a night by a bonfire without talking, therefore is more often enjoyed as a solo smoke. Efficiently relieves muscle spasms and seizures, inflammations, combats insomnia and increases your appetite. Up to 3 hours of altered state of mind can be expected. Best consumed at night time.

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