Auto Big Demon

Origen: Canada/Kazakhstan
Tipo: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Floración: 55 Days
THC: 21-23%
Cosecha: 800 g/m2
Altura: 120-130 cm

Auto Big Demon by Divine Seeds is a perfect sample of Chuy Sativa. Valued for its high contents of THC (21-23%), this strain is potent. Genetically it originates half from the Netherlands, half from the Chuy Valley – powerful marijuana has grown there for centuries. In the open air, you get 120 g per plant, while indoors the same quantity, 800 g, will be gained on 1 m2. Indoors Auto Big Demon harvests in 9 weeks.

Plants grow alright both indoors and out. Their plant mostly stays within 130 cm. At the blooming stage, your plant noticeably gains width. This strain is easy to handle and can be recommended to novice growers. Leaves have a clearly Sativa-influenced shape and preserve their bright green color up to harvest time. When blooming, Auto Big Demon gives a strong citric odour. Its bright orange stamens give the plants an exotic look. Out of doors it is ready to be harvested by the end of September.

Auto Big Demon has a complex versatile taste with dominance of citric tones. The effect is unusual, since despite the relaxing part it doesn’t actually stone you – no need to stay put. Perfect to relax at night or smoothen it a little at the daytime. Appropriate for any daytime consumption.

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