Auto Montreal

Origen: Canada
Tipo: 50% Indica/ 40% Sativa/ 10% Ruderalis
Floración: 65 Days
THC: 23%
Cosecha: 550-750 g/m2
Altura: 120-160 cm

Auto Montreal is a universal sturdy cannabis variety developed in Canada and named after the Canadian city famous for its medical marijuana dispensaries. This strain is well-balanced cross between several hybrids originating from Afghanistan, Southern India and Africa chosen for their compact size, strong will for life and fun impact.


Hence, Auto Montreal is an easy case, recommended for first growing experiences. Indoors plants mostly stay 1 m – 1.2 m tall, out of doors expect 1,5 m – 1,6 m’s height. Each plant should be given at least 12-16 litres roots space.


Feel free to increase their productivity through training, but stick to low stress training methods like LST or ScroG. Do not transplant Auto Montreal (especially whilst vegetating). First weeks of flowering are marked with stretching – sometimes 1,5x. Then Auto Montreal gradually reveals its hashy smell – non-pungent and somewhat fruity, but strong enough for coal filtering to be a necessity when growing in living premises.


Auto Montreal smoking experience is a bright tripping fit both for outdoor activities and any kind of quite leisure. Medical prescriptions include depression, appetite disorders, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid August – late August.

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