Divine Indica

Origin: Afghanistan / South India
Type: Indica
Flowering: 62-67 Days
THC: 24%
Harvest: 800 g/m2
Height: 140 cm

Divine Indica is a unique mixture of several Indian and Afghani Indica landraces chosen as most compatible, potent and sturdy. Divine Indica is recommended to beginners. This pure Indica also attracts professional growers with its productivity and a mild (yet concentrated) smell – musky, earthy, brightened with cedar hints. Huge colas and intensive resin production (easy hasheesh making) are the most noticeable features about Divine Indica Feminized.


Growing Divine Indica is enjoyably simple: these compact plants fit easily into any indoor setup and thrive in the open air. Sturdy enough for hydroponic or aeroponic growing. These bushes have a broad structure that should be broadened even more with training (ScroG, SoG, LST, FIM or topping) for more yields. Divine Indica is resistant to heat and insect pests, but excessive humid may cause its thick colas to suffer from cola rotting: ventilate your grow box well, whereas outdoor plantations need covering during rainy weeks. Ready for outdoor harvesting in October.


Divine Indica Short-Day is here to expand your notions about how potent marijuana can be! A profound and long-lasting (up to 3 hours) stone-effect that Divine Indica induces helps against such medical conditions as insomnia, muscle hypertension and spasms, chronic pains and headaches, nausea, hepatitis. Recreational use mostly means a quiet evening with your hobby or closest person. Best consumed at night.


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