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Cannabis Oil and How To Use It


Cannabis oil is one of classic foodstuffs, rather popular with connoisseurs for how healthy it is. Its positive qualities and how if affects human health can hardly be overestimated – despite its reputation. The thing is, our society has for a long time associated cannabis and any products made of it with illegal drugs and criminal lifestyle. It is a common mistake to think that, if cannabis is prohibited, then cannabis oil is something fishy as well. The truth is, cannabis oil deserves respect as an efficient cure against numerous diseases and a source of substances and elements necessary for human body. Presently, there’s an unwise lack of loyal attitude to cannabis. Nonetheless, knowledge does not disappear totally even being out of your average uneducated man’s conscience. That’s why cannabis oil is applied as a dietic, cosmetic and medical product.

Qualities of Cannabis Oil

This universal product is purely natural oily substance without any admixtures. Efficient as a preventive means against new diseases and pathologies, makes for human immunity. Visually it is a greenish transparent liquid. Its taste makes you think of some kind of nuts, but with a slight sour note. After opening its hermetic package, store cannabis oil no longer than 8 months, since it contains no preservatives. Produced by cold break from cannabis seeds.

Contents: compared to other oils, cannabis oil contains far more unsaturated fats, which is exactly what makes it so valuable and healthy. Contains A, B, E, K, and D group vitamins as well as metal minerals, aminoacids, tar and sugar. Among its natural antioxidants, in cannabis oil there’s also tocopherol, carotenes, phytosterol and chlorophylls. It is the latter, chlorophylls, owing to which cannabis oil has a destructive impact on all kinds of tumors in human body.

Human Body and Cannabis Oild

Among the positive qualities of this oil we can single out the following:
• Prevention of cardivascular and nervous system disorfers;
• Prevention of overweight;
• Prevention of skin premature aging;
• Enhancing health and elasticity of skin, hair and nails;
• Better oxygen supply for skin;
• Prevention of artery blockage;
• Strengthening immunity;
• Recovery of disordered lipid bio-layer;
• Antiinflammatory effect on problem skin;
• Recovery of damaged tissues;
• Lessening of dehydration that occurs with vapors leaking through skin pores;
• Recovery of skin damaged by ultra-violet radiation;
• Muscle recovery after substantial physical overloads;
• Prevention of baldness, increasing shine and volume of hair.

Diseases Treated with Cannabis Oil

In folk medicine there’s quite a wide range of diseases against which cannabis oil can be efficient. These include infections and inflammatory breathing passages disorders, skin diseases, numerous joint-related troubles, gall-bladder and liver disorders, hormonic issues, tuberculosis and even AIDS-related issues.

Cannabis oil is taken orally in case of the following:
• Osteoporosis;
• Menopause;
• Senile sclerosis;
• Premenstrual disorders;
• Pathologically elevated levels of blood cholesterol;
• High blood pressure;
• Dramatic weight loss;
• Cardio-vascular diseases;
• Crohn’s disease;
• Gall-bladder calculi;
• Renal insufficiency;
• Dry skin;
• Hormonic level shifts;
• Hypodynamia;
• Lowered metabolism;
• Dry and fragile hair;
• Avitaminosis.

How to Apply

Cannabis oil is fully digested in its fresh, unprepared condition and has a pleasant taste, which makes it appropriate for cooking. Not recommended to use for frying. Apply as condiment with salads, pasta, vegetables and other food that goes with fats. Cannabis seeds can also be used to fight pains and insomnia. Cannabis milk is an efficient means against kidney diseases. In case of skin burns mix some cannabis oil with egg white and apply to the burnt surface for 2 hours. Also, mixed with honey, cannbis oil is a wonderful cure against callosities and empyema.

Store cannabis oil like any medical oils – in a dry dark place. The bottle itself should preferably be of dark glass. Seeds that your oil is produced from must be fresh and well dried, this is vital.