Auto Candy

Origin: Canada/Jamaica
Type: Indica/Ruderalis
Flowering: 60 days
THC: 19-20%
Harvest: 500 g/m2
Height: 100-120 cm

With Auto Candy Divine Seeds presents a very bright example of how delicious autoflowering strains can be! Amusingly resembling melted sugar when blooming (and caramel when dried), this strain has quickly won affection of gourmets and those having a sweet tooth. Genetically 75% Jamaican Indica, Auto Candy doesn’t simply possess a fancy flavor: there is something clearly Jamaican about any moment you spend with this plant. Approved by the local valuers from Jamrock, Auto Candy represents 100% authentic rare genetics.

Utterly universal, this strain can be conveniently cultivated strain indoors as well as in the sun, in balconies and greenhouses. Indoor Auto Candy plants normally reach 90 cm height, whereas outside ones can grow up to 120 cm. Taking about 60 days to finish blooming, it can yield heavier and appear more potent if given 1-2 weeks plus. Thick growth on the sides of plants makes for a higher productivity compared to similar strains. With training (LST or ScroG), Auto Candy grows bushier and yields sufficiently more. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August.

It is hardly just hourmands who appreciate this strain. Auto Candy buds aren’t just sweet: their moderate effect kills off depression and irritation, nausea, insomnia, muscular spasms – like a velvet medicine. A great flavor for romantic smoking, it helps leave the trouble behind in the end of a hard work’s day. What’s especially great, Auto Candy never paralyzes you: family communication with or games with kids get immensely fun, also users often enjoyed a good Auto-Candied walk. Sweet for any day time use.

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