Origin: Jamaica / Cuba
Type: Indica
Flowering: 60 - 65 Days
THC: 19 - 20%
Harvest: 500 - 850 g/m2
Height: 140 - 180 cm

Candy is a unique genotype that could only come from Jamaica – motherland to a developed cannabis culture backgrounded with a whole history of breeding. In fact, sugar-cane is a Jamaican plant as well, but how the locals managed to breed a caramel-tasting Indica – nobody will ever know. Its second parent was a Cuban landrace with a similar terpene combination: pine and wormwood. Inheriting such extraordinary genea, Candy cannabis has a rich sweetish flavor that resembles brown sugar and is very seldom observed among marijuana, but is it the only special thing about this variety? Definitely not! Divine Seeds have also made Candy one of the steadiest and hardiest strains ever known by means of modern selection technologies.


In cultivation, Candy is most probably the least capricious strain that you could encounter. Recommended to novice growers because of its endurability, Candy produces mid-height plants of an averagely branchy structure that can get much wider if given training (LST, SoG or ScroG, supercropping etc). Each plant’s root system needs at least 16-20 litres space for fully revealing its yielding potential. In their appearance, Candy bushes are undoubtedly an Indica type: broad-leaved and thick, with medium size colas whose glistening along with caramel aroma often makes viewers actually believe that plants are covered in sugar! But of course those crystals are THC. Outdoor Candy plants reached maturity by end September – mid October.


Candy is perfect for light-smokers: stoning and overtly sedative yet mellow, it kills both tension and fatigue. The effects take about 5-6 minutes to be noticed. Most users report a slowing in thoughts, speech and movements, but unlike more potent Indicas, there is no increased gravity. Although, the speed of course may seriously alter with higher dosages – in this case, Candy is quite capable of causing a couchlock! For medical usage it is especially convenient for patients wishing to stay relatively focused and to avoid sleepiness. Candy has shown potential in treating nausea, muscle spasms and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The effects last for 2 hours.

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