Big Bang

Origin: Thailand / Afghanistan
Type: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Flowering: 65 Days
THC: 22%
Harvest: 800 - 1100 g/m2
Height: 150 - 190 cm

Big Bang has been given its name because of its fascinating fruitfulness and fresh flavor. The genetic basis for this strain was a delicious Thai Sativa that resembled currant and blackberry in its aroma. By crossing it with Afghanistan Lights we have achieved an increase in yielding rates, endurability and resin production. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has proven itself adaptable both to Canadian climate and to hotter weather: sturdy, it can sustain imperfect conditions. Medical usage of Big Bang can be advisable for those combatting depression or bipolar syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease.


Big Bang cannabis appeared quite vigorous and resistant from the start. Still, thorough breeding work was done to make it as strong as possible. As a result, it can be compared to AK-47 as an unbeatable Sativa variety, but any connoisseur will agree that its aroma is definitely more exquisite. In vegetative phase every plant needs at least 20-24 litres for its root system. Outdoor plants should therefore be situated at 1 m distance from each other. When blooming starts, plants gain about 30-40% their final size over a fortnight. During this period, the odor becomes noticeable sweet, resembling candy or berry-flavored soda. Flowering Big Bang plants look beautiful and exotic with their conical buds often forming pyramidal colas. Harvest time for outdoor samples was mid October.


The impact that Big Bang induces is refreshing and enlivening, a euphoric and warm cerebral high that keeps people talking, laughing and having fun for solid 1-2 hours. Colors, sounds and tactile feelings can be brighter due to Big Bang’s psychedelic influence. What these candy-smelling buds also carry is a better concentration helping you think and express yourself in an advanced way. Big Bang does not impair your movements and is especially enjoyed along with outdoor activities or dance parties.

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