Origin: Pakistan / Brazil
Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering: 63-64 Days
THC: 22%
Harvest: 500 g/m2
Height: 90 cm

Banff, Alberta is a national Canadian park with charming landscapes. Divine Seeds breeders used elite parent strains for developing their Banff genotype. Hindu Kush, the mighty Pakistani Indica, was crossed with classic Brazilian Utopia Haze, bright-smelling and Sativa-dominant. So, Banff Feminized is a leaning Indica with an unusual psychedelic potential, reliable and easy in handling. Canada is known to have a climate similar to those of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and Banff cannabis is perfect for outdoor growing in these regions: expect healthy, strong and vivid plants.

Banff is a universal marijuana strain that can be grown in and out of doors, in grow tents and grow boxes, balconies and green houses, with or without soil. Beginners will love it – simple, mistake-proof, resistant to molds and temperature shifts. These short-height plants easily develop a productive branchy structure if trained. Thus, for better yields use ScroG or SoG, FIM or topping, LST or supercropping techniques. Despite its overall sturdiness and immunity against molds, with such thick colas as Banff grows, plants need protection against excessive moisture and active air circulation if grown indoors. Ready for outdoor harvesting in October.

The impact that Banff induces is sometimes compared to OG Kush: first 5-10 minutes of tripping can be characterized as enthusiastic and energizing, but then your muscles soften and most users feel inclined for quiet and lazy leisure. Despite its outstanding stoning potency that fights most chronic pains, Banff is not a 100% horizontal trip: if consumed on the move, it slows you down and makes you more alert, but does not necessarily stop you. More appropriate for night time consumption.

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