Auto White Russian

Origin: Afghanistan / Brazil / Canada
Type: Indica/ Sativa/ Ruderalis
Flowering: 65 days
THC: 24 %
Harvest: 400-600 g/m2
Height: 100-150 cm

White Russian Day-Neutral is probably the sturdiest cannabis strain in existence, no matter if compared to short-day or day-neutral cannabis. A cross between the legendary White Widow and AK-47, it combines vigor and adaptivity of both varieties. Divine Seeds version includes a small percentage of our special Ruderalis genetics, and we have worked hard to perfectly balance this genotype. As a result, valuers and connoisseurs are now invited to check out White Russian by Divine Seeds – even stronger and more potent than before! However, the original landrace genetics (Brazil, India, Colombia, Afghanistan and Thailand) hasn’t been changed at all, which is obvious if you compare our WR Auto-Feminized to older versions.


Its compact size and low demands make it a popular option for non-watched outdoor growing – subtle plants are easily hidden and mostly survive the summer. However, indoors White Russian Auto-Fem is just as much at home, often chosen by novice growers or even for first experiences. Indoors plants normally stay 1.20 m in height and. Use low-stress techniques to reveal their yielding potential. The smell becomes noticeable later into vegetation, and flowering plants reek pungently with skunky and fruity hues. Resistant to molds and insect pests, White Russian Day-Neutral may need your assistance to sustain dry and hot weather. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid August. In their appearance, plants reflect their mixed genetics: a darker shade of green (pleasantly contrasted with whitish trichomas) and exquisitely shaped buds look great on broad-shaped and hardy plants.


This Sativa-dominant marijuana has an uplifting and stimulating impact along with muscle relaxation and euphory. Best appreciated for social use and outdoor activities. White Russian Day-Neutral is a frequent companion at dance parties and gigs, meditative sessions and retreats, beach time spending. Its effects make for vivid conversation spiced with laughs and jokes. In fact, these fruit-smelling buds (also hints of cedar) have been found an efficient aphrodisiac. More appropriate for morning and daytime, it lights your evening up like a firework. Just like White Widow, White Russian is outstandingly popular in Amsterdam – and we understand why!

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