Auto Overdose

Origin: Afghanistan / Colombia / Canada
Type: 90% Indica
Flowering: 8 - 9 weeks
THC: 25 - 26%
Harvest: 600 - 800 g/m2
Height: 100 - 150 cm

Designed to overwhelm classic Indica lovers and experienced stoners, Auto Overdose is a cross between L.S.D., the utterly psychedelic Indica-dominant winner of numerous awards and our own hybrid of a similar origin. Thus, Afghani genetics is spiced up here with Colombian and Mexican Sativa heritage. However, in all its traits Overdose Day-Neutral behaves just as a pure Indica would! We have worked a lot to accentuate the fortes of this new strain: its resin rates (originally way above average) were increased through selection, the resistibility enhanced both by adding Canadian Ruderalis genes and editing the newly-made genotype. Eventually, picking only the hugest, healthiest and most productive samples gave us this massively productive and notoriously potent bush. The pungent musky stench it produces is brightened up with a slight fruity and piny topping that only a true connoisseur’s sense of smell can detect!


Sturdy and resistant, Overdose Day-Neutral has also shown itself as handy in cultivation. Compact, with a broad structure and a moderate foliage, this strain was convenient to train and could easily be given light at all levels of the plant. At the start of blooming, the plants tend to grow explosively, but more in width than in height: these last 7-12 days of vegetative growth mean +15-25% final productivity. This is also when the odor gives a hint on how thick it will get by harvest time! Without training, the plants grow a massive central cola and 4-7 smaller ones; a successful application of ScroG or LST training results in one enormous dense pack of buds often occupying more than half of the plant. Resistant to heat and molds, these plants also ward off pests by covering its gorgeous chunks of buds with violently smelling resin, sticky as glue.


Along with simplicity in growing, Auto Overdose possesses prominent analgesic and sedative powers – these two features promise a vast medical usage among people combating cancer, any kinds of chronic pains, appetite or sleep disorders, panic attacks and irritability, PTSD, muscular spasms. The impact reveals itself in 5-7 minutes, and first time users are strongly advised to measure their dosage responsibly, keeping the strain’s name in mind. A heavy stoner, Overdose Day-Neutral has mild Sativa properties and in little portions actually kills off fatigue and promotes communicability, while bigger helpings can impress those seeking for unusual psychedelic experience. The altered state of mind continues for 3 hours, with about 1-2 hours of lingering trace effects.

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