Auto Northern Lights

Origin: Afghanistan / Brazil / Colombia
Type: Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
Flowering: 60 Days
THC: 24%
Harvest: 800 g/m2
Height: 130-170 cm

Northern Lights has always been a top respected Indica genotype among both recreational and medical users as well as growers and breeders. By a very careful choice of Ruderalis for giving this vivid and resistant leaning hybrid day-neutral abilities we enhanced its height and productivity – such elite quality cannabis Indica must not only grow fast and be resinous, but also yield heavily! Exquisite and rich musky smell with slight piny and cedar notes – the result of mixed Aghani and Thai parentage behind Northern Light Day-Neutral.


At Divine Seeds, Northern Lights Auto-Fem maternal plants were widely tested with positive results in any growing environment including soil and non-soil, indoor and outdoor plantations, greenhouses and terraces. Low stress training and ScroG can and should be used for branchier and bushes with 35-60% more final weight. Do not transplant! Resistant to most molds and insect parasites, Northern Lights cannabis tends to finish ripening by mid August if grown outdoors. One of the most recommandible strains for novice growers: convenient in handling, non-capricious and able to thrive on limited resources.


The impact that Northern Lights Day-Neutral brings about is more than just sedative stoning effects plus pain killing. A small percent of Sativa genes in these candy-smelling buds is mixed with the legendary absence of thoughts characteristic of Afghani, in combination creating a special state of mind in which any questions can be answered! This is what makes Northern Lights a perfect choice for meditation. Easy to inhale, the smoke scrapes your throat inviting you to a pleasant cough afterwards. In 4-5 minutes the body relaxes like a plant, and closing your eyes makes the world disappear. A strong sedative strain, Auto Northern Lights can also be used for relaxation before bedtime. Expect 2 hours’ tripping.

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