Auto CBD Monster

Origin: Canada
Type: Indica 70%, Sativa 20%, Ruderalis 10%
Flowering: 9 weeks
THC: 17%
Harvest: 350-500 g/m2
Height: 0.80 - 1.35 m

A combined medical strain that helps with both CBD and THC, the two cannabinoids most valued in medicine. Based on several CBD marijuana patches that are used for canna oil production in Canada, Auto CBD Monster has a well-balanced genetics ensuring both high medical efficiency and ease in handling. In fact, one does not have to suffer from a medical condition to feel improvement with Auto CBD Monster: it kills stress and tension, depression, insomnia, stimulates your digestion and appetite.


Quite universal and happily adaptive, Auto CBD Monster can be cultivated indoors, out of doors, in balconies and greenhouses, both in soil and non-soil environment. For bigger yields low-stress training (LST) can be applied. Adaptive and mistakes-forgiving, this strain is appropriate even for first time growers and has been reported to flourish on windowsills if given enough light (for that purpose small luminescent lamps can be used). The whole life period is up to 12 weeks.


With 17%, Auto CBD Monster induces a slight psychoactive impact mellow enough to continue your daily routine, but still noticeably changing your mood to a more euphoric shade. This medical marijuana has been proven to alleviate symptoms of epilepsy, diabetes, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis. Reduces panic attacks and irritability. In higher dosages may induce sleepiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after smoking Auto CBD Monster.


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