Auto Blue Cheese

Origin: Afghanistan / Thailand / Mexico
Type: Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
Flowering: 55 days
THC: 21%
Harvest: 500 - 650 g/m2
Height: 110 - 160 cm

Cheese odor is rare among marijuanas, and it never fails to tell an experienced valuer that the strain in question originates from classic cheese-smelling cannabis varieties. Auto Blue Cheese by Divine Seeds is an autoflowering version of authentic Blue Cheese, fully preserving its complex aroma that resembles cheese eaten along with young wine. Descending from the exquisite Blueberry and tremendous Skunk #1 genotypes, Auto Blue Cheese is a cleverly balanced mixture of Afghani, Thai, Mexican and Colombian landrace varieties. Productive, beautiful and non-demanding, it is becoming a top option for autoflowering cannabis lovers!


Despite its exotic smell and violet coloring (at the end of blooming), our Auto Blue Cheese has been found amazingly adaptive both to Canadian climate and to indoor environments, soil and non-soil. Even windowsill style with this hardy and easy-to-handle strain is rather rewarding if compared to other hybrids alike – especially if the plant undergoes training, which is limited to non-stress techniques (such as bending or ScroG). Out of doors and in greenhouses this 80% Indica can reach 1.60 m, with enough light and nutrition growing quite massive colas generously layered with resin. This resin has so far been impressively efficient in scaring off insect parasites. Outdoor plants reached maturity by end October – early September.


Highly euphoric in its effect, Auto Blue Cheese is distinguished as a strain that never provokes bad tripping. Partially this positive tendency is on behalf of the complex terpenes which are responsible for its cheese smell – they have been proven antidepressant. A mellow stoning able to help your sleep and digestion, stimulates your appetite and kills nausea, also wards off fatigue. Repeatedly reported to be aphrodisiac, Auto Blue Cheese is a deep source of inspiration as well: out of box thinking and insights appear wherever this pastry smelling smoke transpires. Mostly relaxant, this cannabis is more commonly recommended for night time consumption.

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