Auto Black Opium

Origin: Afghanistan/ Canada
Type: Indica/ Sativa/ Ruderalis
Flowering: 60-63 days
THC: >25%
Harvest: 800-1000 g/m2
Height: 130-165 cm

Auto Black Opium is, generally speaking, a violet version of Auto Opium. To achieve this beauteous coloring without losses in potency or yield, we have crossed Auto Opium with a rare population of Colombian Sativa, both purple-colored and rich in THC. After numerous selection cycles, the result was stabilized and presented as Auto Black Opium – a tremendously potent Indica with shocking resin production rate and delicious berry aroma. At present, this strain belongs to top most exotic Indica varieties in the world!

Auto Black Opium is a perfect choice for professional growers, while beginners can recklessly enjoy handling these non-demanding vivid plants. Just as its brother, Auto Black Opium fits well for indoor growing as well as outdoor plantations, it has also shown a wondrously rich productivity in green houses. With its aggressive stench, Auto Black Opium marijuana is resistant to most insect plants. Appropriate training is restricted to non-stress techniques such as LST or ScroG, which allow to multiply your yield almost by 1.5 sometimes. This strain generously produces resin, with dense colas handy for making potent hasheesh with unusual berry-like flavor.

The impact that Auto Black Opium smoking creates is an immobilizing stone effect that lasts for 3 hours, often accompanied with psychological revelations, euphory and daydreaming. It is also a highly efficient painkiller and anti-spasmatic agent, eliminates nausea or stress, stimulates appetite and helps forget any trouble. Those seeking for extra-potent cannabis should definitely give Auto Black Opium a try! Traditionally such mighty Indica is regarded for solo-use, since speech and movements get rather problematic. More appropriate for night use.

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