Auto 77 Days

Origin: Afghanistan / Canada
Type: 75% Indica
Flowering: 56 days
THC: 21%
Harvest: 350 - 500 g/m2
Height: 50 - 90 cm

Sometimes cultivation is only possible, if the whole process is quick and stealthy. Exactly for such purposes strains like Auto 77 Days are developed! We can proudly say that short ripening time, high stability and small size are not the only pluses that this hybrid can boast. This is partly the reason why Divine Seeds crew has decided to keep the exact geographical origin of Auto 77 Days in secret. But some information can be shared: a special population of Central Asian cannabis was crossed with Canadian Ruderalis, then after several back-crossings the result was stabilized and admired as a fast, compact and rather resinous variety that tends to run through its life cycle in 11 weeks.


Novice growers should definitely choose this strain or something alike for their first experiences: both hardy and simple in handling, Auto 77 Days will show the result of your work unbelievably soon! There is probably no other variety at market combining such rapid ripening with the potency that Auto 77 Days shows. If using pots for growing, you can do with 10 litres space for each plant, whilst at an outdoor plantation Auto 77 Days bushes can be located with 0.65 m distance between each other – quite tightly. The musky odor is not zero-level, but more discreet than that of most Indicas. Neither molds nor pests are normally a problem for Auto 77 Days. For outdoor plants harvest time is mid August.


Auto 77 Days induces a mellow stoning appropriate for conversation, spending time with your hobby or watching a movie. In fact, it has been reported as a nice company for evening and morning walks, especially with headphones on. Possible medical application includes fighting nausea and muscle spasms as well as irritability and bipolar disorder. Also, this strain is a mild appetite stimulant. Dried and cured, Auto 77 Days buds give off a dank hashy and musky scent. The aftertaste is mostly earthy. Expect 1.5 hours tripping with an hour’s trace effects following.

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