AK-47 (out of production)

Origin: Canada
Type: Indica/Sativa
Flowering: 52-63 Days
THC: 23%
Harvest: 400-570 g/m2
Height: 130 cm

AK-47 is a classic award-winning marijuana strain, now on Divine Seeds’ stock. Apart from 8 contests that AK-47 has won, it was also awarded 19 prizes. This 65% Sativa is famous in Netherlands and all over the globe with its euphoric cerebral high and anti-stress properties. AK-47 originates from Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani brightest cannabis landraces. Divine Seeds developed their own AK-47 from a Dutch patch.

AK-47 is beginners’ first choice: sturdy, prone to mistakes and temperature shifts, easy to handle. AK-47 plans are vivid enough to flourish both in grow boxes and outdoor plantations, this strain can also be grown without soil. Provide at least 12-14 litres for its roots if using a pot. Also be prepared for a massive stench, since AK-47 cannabis reeks aloud – and it starts at mid-vegetation. Luckily, this genotype is resistant to molds and insect pests, but its thick colas need proper ventilation indoors. Beginners can use bending (LST) to improve the plants’ structure and by making it branchier, to substantially increase the final result. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid October.

The impact that citrus-smelling AK-47 induces is mellow, prolonged and energizing, but relaxing at the same time. This mixed effect works perfectly for any outdoor activities, creative work, unwinding and killing your fatigue after a hard day. Also AK-47 works great against headaches, nausea, depressive moods, bipolar syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease. Appropriate for any day time use.

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