AK-47 XL

Origin: Brazil / Colombia / Mexico
Type: 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
Flowering: 52 - 63 days
THC: 24%
Harvest: 600 - 1000 g/m2
Height: 2.00 - 2.50 m

Divine Seeds created AK-47 XL as an enhanced version of the classic AK-47 genotype, preserving and strengthening all advantages of this famous variety. The original Thai, Colombian, Mexican and Afghani genetics was enriched with Brazilian Sativa, thus making AK-47 XL taller than AK-47. The aggressive smell becomes now dominantly citrus with spicy, musky and piny tones. Apart from producing taller and weightier plants, the XL version has also tested richer in THC, which means stronger and more long-lasting euphoric cerebral elevation. AK-47 XL belongs to the hardiest elite level medical class marijuana strains, and a guarantee for seeds purchased in original packaging is provided.


AK-47 XL plants are sturdy and recommended to beginning growers: even as a first cultivation experience, this strain is vigorous enough to save time, trouble and effort. Especially productive out of doors, AK-47 XL tends to adapt and flourish in most indoor growing setups just as well. For wiser space management and bigger yields any training technique can be fruitful: ScroG, LST, FIM or topping, supercropping, SoG. Both in shape and odor AK-47 XL plants demonstrate the mixed parentage, noticeable from their long leaves, solid branches and stems, conical buds and colas that resemble tropical plants. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid October.


Artists and night life lovers respect AK-47 XL for its energizing properties allowing to keep in focus without rush. Also these fruity and piny buds are a great daytime smoke for businessmen during their midday break, a chance to unwind preserving concentration, creative thinking and an open mind. Great for public performance, dates and any kind of outdoor activities, AK-47 XL works wonders against fatigue, depression or irritability, can efficiently ward off sleep and has been proven a nice aphrodisiac agent as well. At parties, gigs and any kind of group interaction this cerebral high can be a component of amazing unity between people! The effects last for 1.5 – 2.5 hours.

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