Auto Afghan Bullet

Origin: Afghanistan
Type: Indica/Ruderalis
Flowering: 55 days
THC: 20%
Harvest: 600 g/m2
Height: 60-80 cm

Auto Afghan Bullet is a silent farewell to arms, because this potent Indica eliminates aggression, turns talk into smiles. To create a potent and productive day-neutral strain  we crossed Afghan Original with ruderalis, then several back-crossings with the parent strain followed… and Auto Afghan Bullet was born – a stable and potent hashy Indica with sticky buds of exactly the same shape and size, like a pack of ammo! Best Indica for novice growing, this strain satisfies any experienced growers’ demands as well. Its outstanding resin rate and rare adaptivity make Auto Afghan Bullet one of a kind.


Small-sized, Afghan Bullet Day-Neutral is highly recommendable for indoor and stealth growing. However, it flourishes in outdoor plantations just as well as in greenhouses and hydroponic setups – this strain is quite universal and undemanding. For more yields Auto Afghan Bullet plants should be trained using non-stress methods like LST or ScroG. Absolutely no transplantation can be advisable for this cannabis. Producing a pungent hashy stench, this oriental bush can defend itself against insect parasites, being also just as resistant to heat. Insufficient watering certainly doesn’t work in favor of heavy yielding, however this strain is more likely to survive and thrive in dry conditions. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August.


Classical stone effect of Afghani Indica attacks users with a deep and prolonged relaxation. For any stress this earthy smoke is a deadly shot, successfully eliminating obsessive thoughts, irritation, nausea, chronic pains, insomnia and muscle spasms. Beware: Afghan Bullet Day-Neutral lowers your blood pressure and restricts your motion (lower dosages do it to a smaller extent). Indica is not broadly regarded as recreational cannabis, but activities that require mild muscles and stable attention may benefit from Auto Aghan Bullet impact, especially speaking of stretching, yoga or certain hobbies associated with concentration. Best consumed at night time. The effects last for up to 2 hours.

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