Auto CBD Angel

Origin: Canada
Type: Indica 60%, Sativa 30%, Ruderalis 10%
Flowering: 9 weeks
THC: 0.1%
Harvest: 350 - 550 g/m2
Height: 0.80 - 1.35 m

CBD: 10-13%

A brilliant sample of Canadian medical genetics, Auto CBD Angel is based on Charlotte’s Angel crossed with a number of medical hybrids used for producing CBD extracts. Exclusively for health improvement, this marijuana has no influence on human perception at 0.1% THC level, but antidepressant qualities that THC produces are (surprisingly) noticeable in Auto CBD Angel’s impact, which might be other cannabinoids working in a combination with CBD. Derived for treating a vast range of diseases and disorders, this strain has so far been found to be a highly efficient medicine.


Cultivating Auto CBD Angel is easy and requires no profound knowledge or vast experience. This genotype has an inherent ability to adapt, it also sustains moderate levels of stress. Use low-stress training techniques to optimize your indoor plantation and get more yields. By the way, when tested in windowsill growing, Auto CBD Angel was both sturdy and productive. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August, indoors expect a life period of about 12 weeks. The odor is strong, but not actually pungent.


Auto CBD Angel can be advised as an additional treatment when combating depression or bipolar syndrome, diabetes, sleep or digestion disorders, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Crohn’s and Parkinson’s syndromes. Also works great against stress, keeping you calm without any kind of “high”, nor does it possess any significant sedative powers. Professional athletes have reported Auto CBD Angel to alleviate muscular pains and make for relaxation.


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