Auto Blueberry

Origen: Afghani/Thai
Tipo: 50% Indica/ 40% Sativa/ 10% Ruderalis
Floración: 56 days
THC: 22%
Cosecha: 400-550 g/m2
Altura: 110-150 cm

Every marijuana lover must get to know Blueberry, this cherry pie of cannabis. It originates from Thai and Purple Thai crossed with Afghani, and Divine Seeds now present their autoflowering version of the famous Indica-leaning strain.


Auto Blueberry is a compact strain (seldom exceeding 1.2 m indoors), it takes only 8 weeks to flower and can be recommended to novice growers. Commercial growers can be interested about this strain because its fancy smell and look make Auto Blueberry unique, it can be compared to no other cannabis. Indoors make sure to provide enough air circulation.


One plant needs at least 12-16 litres if grown in a pot. Auto Blueberry has a less pungent smell than Skunk or White Widow, for example, but it is noticeable and gets intensive further into flowering. Vigorously growing, these plants need training to become bushier, but if you do use ScroG or LST on their structure, your final yields will be 20-45% heavier. Do not transplant Auto Blueberry cannabis.


Outdoor harvest time is August. The impact of Auto Blueberry is probably the happiest stone-effect that one can get: peace in your mind, whole body pleasantly relaxed and a special kind of compassion that makes you enjoy other people’s company. Thus, Auto Blueberry rocks not only for lone rangers: invite your friends and enjoy a moment of clarity. Best consumed at afternoon or night time.

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