Afghanistan Lights

Origin: Afghanistan
Type: Indica
Flowering: 60 Days
THC: 20%
Harvest: 400-600 g/m2

Afghanistan Lights is a cross between a potent Afghani Indica landrace and Northern Lights, the famous compact medical-quality cannabis known all over the world. The result is a sturdy, resinous and productive strain that Divine Seeds proudly call their favorite Indica. Afghanistan Lights has been appreciated both as medical and recreational cannabis as well as perfect material to make hasheesh from. It can be considered a classic Indica.


This strain is advised to beginners on condition that they can handle a photoperiodic plant. Universal, it can be grown both in and out of doors, in soil or hydroponic/aeroponic setups, in green houses and even balconies. To prevent Afghanistan Lights cannabis from growing too tall, either use training techniques like LST, ScroG, SoG, topping or FIM, or else switch it to flowering right after it grows half admittable height. Afghanistan Lights is resistant to higher temperatures and molds. Its massive colas need proper air circulation (indoors), otherwise there’s a risk of cola rotting. Also further into blooming Afghanistan Lights cannabis may need to be tied up to supports. Ready for outdoor harvesting by mid October.


Afghanistan Lights is known for its mighty sedative and pain-killing properties, it also helps sustain heat and sweat less. The stone-effect lasts for solid 2-3 hours. Its medical prescriptions include epilepsy, asthma, panic attacks, appetite disorders and nausea, insomnia. Afghanistan Lights is such a strong muscle relaxant that it is in fact used not only against spasms and cramps, but also for more efficient stretching. These sticky buds (hard to break, by the way) can be enjoyed both alone and in good company, but do not expect it to stimulate your conversation, this is mostly silent tripping. More appropriate for night time use.


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